Our veterinary services are affordable and competitively priced because we like to help our pet owners as much as we can.


Health and Wellness Check

During our consultations, we perform a thorough health and wellness examination of your pet. We work closely with specialists, should your pet need a referral. Our vets and nurses participate in continuing education to maintain our high standards of high quality diagnostic, medical and surgical care.


Vaccinations are a very important part of preventative health care for your pet. Vaccinations help to keep your dog, cat and rabbit protected from infectious diseases.



Microchips are small implants the size of a grain of rice injected under pet’s skin with a unique number used to identify a pet. Microchipping helps reunite lost pets with their owners.

Nutrition and Preventative Care Products

Paw Prints Vet Clinic Gwandalan has a range of products to help maintain the health of your dog and cat. We supply prescription diets that provide your pet’s nutritional needs during any stage of life or medical conditions. We also provide a wide range of quality preventive care products, to keep your pet comfortable and healthy by preventing heart worm, fleas, intestinal worms and ticks. We also supply quality dental care products and nutritional supplements for joint disease.



Our veterinarians perform a variety of surgical procedures, doing all we can to make your animals feel safe, cared for and as comfortable as possible. We’ll try and find the easiest and most effective solution for your pet to cause minimal distress to you both.

Desexing of dogs, cats and rabbits

Various health and behavioural problems can be prevented by desexing of males and females from 5 months of age. Having your dog, cat or rabbit desexed not only helps reduce the number of unwanted puppies, kittens and kits but is a safe and practical way to prevent behavioural problems , diseases and conditions in undesexed pets.

Dental Care

Our dental services include teeth cleaning, scaling, polishing, tooth extractions, oral surgery and preventative care to keep your pet’s teeth and gum healthy and breath fresh.

Blood testing

With the use of our in-house laboratory and in some instances external laboratories we can provide very accurate and timely information about the health of our patients.


Paw Prints Vet Clinic Gwandalan is fully equipped to take X-rays of your pet. Radiographs are a very important tool to help diagnose diseases in pets, involving bones, the chest or abdomen.

Dog and Cat Grooming

We offer a pet grooming service to bath, groom, clip and pamper your pet and help your pet look and feel good! Our groomers are also qualified nurses so not only are they skilled in handling your dog or cat, they are very attentive to noticing skin or coat problems, which they can bring to your attention, and arrange for a consultation with our vet if required.

Puppy School

Paw Prints Vet Clinic Gwandalan has its own puppy training and socialisation program that we run weekly for 4 weeks. It is a great way for learning about handling and caring for your puppy. The puppies have a great time playing and socializing with other puppies. For further details, ring 49726005 for more information.